Farmers from Langstraat and Audomarois exchange experiences



Within Lifescape international exchange of farmers, volunteers, administrators, politicians, scientists and civil servants always has been one of the most important ways of put regional development in European perspective while everyone profited from everyone else. In 2007 farmers from the Audomarois area in France and farmers from the Langstraat area in Brabant exechanged ideas about marketing regional products, combining nature management with agriculture and surviving with a good income while enhancing the regional landscape. On this page you will find two reports of exchange visits.



June 2007 - Without farmers no nature in cultural landscapes



One thing became clear during the visit of a group French farmers and nature managers to the Brabant region the Langstraat. 75 percent of the nature lies on cultural landscapes, but if farmers cannot earn a decent income with nature management soon there will be no one left to manage those landscapes. Read more....



September 2007 - Learning about branding artichokes


The Agricultural Nature Association Slagenland from Noord-Brabant paid a return visit to the Audomarois area in North West France. There they learned that the French market gardeners work under unfavourable conditions and are seeking for more added values, for instance by branding artichokes and cauliflower. Read more....






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