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International exchange


Lifescape is a transnational European programme. Therefore encouraging children to exchange their experiences with their surrounding environment with children from other countries is a key action. The European Traveling Notebooks and the international school exchange are two examples.


(European) traveling notebooks

The Parc Naturel Régional (PNR) Cap de Marais d‘Opale, France, developed the traveling notebooks as a means for children to communicate about the landscape they live in with other children. The notebooks travel between urban and rural schools within the PNR. In each school children fill four pages in the notebook with their view on the surrounding landscapes. In this way, children from urban areas learn about the landscape perception from the children in rural areas, and the other way around. As this project is a great success, European travelling notebooks have undertaken a journey from France to Belgium, England, Germany and the Netherlands in which the children from all those countries have visualized their ideas about their landscape.




Country contact telephone e-mail
France:    Tiphaine Baron   0033 321878632  tbaron@parc-opale.fr    
England:   Gemma Swallow 0044 1580879954 g.swallow@highweald.org
Belgium:   Leen van den Bergh 0032 14258332 Leen.VandenBergh@vlm.be
Germany:   Anika Hensel 0049 610935413 Anika.Hensel@MainAeppelHausLohrberg.de
The Netherlands:   Marja van Trier 0031 416363713 marjavantrier@xs4all.nl



School exchange between England and France


The High Weald Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty (AONB) and the PNR Cap de Marais d‘Opale have organised two school exchanges. In 2006, the children of the French Dohem School, which participates in the Lifescape project Eco Citizen Schools, visited the Dallington school in the High Weald, which participates in the High Weald Heroes project. In 2007 the English school children made a return visit. The Eco-citizen School project in the PNR and High Weald Heroes project in the AONB are very similar educational programmes to develop children‘s understanding of cultural and natural heritage and landscapes. These exchange visits have proven to be a very valuable and enjoyable experience in which the children learnt much from the visited landscapes and from each others cultures.




Country contact telephone e-mail
France:    Tiphaine Baron   0033 321878632  tbaron@parc-opale.fr     
England:   Gemma Swallow 0044 1580879954 g.swallow@highweald.org



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