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About Lifescape

LIFESCAPE – YOUR LANDSCAPE helps people to profit from the rural landscape whilst preserving its beauty and bio-diversity. It used to be a transnational project from 2004 - 2008, funded by Interreg III-B North West Europe. Fourteen partners in five countries have worked together and shared experiences to find new approaches that take natural, cultural and historical values into account. Lifescape brought together people from different sectors and disciplines into an inter-national cooperation and exchange to open up new horizons and find new ways of reviving regional landscapes and their economies.

About this website

From 2011 on, the project's website was no longer hosted by the lead partner. To avoid loss of valuable information of the Lifescape project, Regiowaarde decided to secure the access to the project information and to continue the webhosting. In cooperation with the project leader and the partners of Lifescape we intend to add new experience, tools and information from practices all over Europe to preserve and profit from landscapes' values. Perhaps new collaborative initiatives will arise.

Are you interested? Want to share your experience and expertise with others? Or do you have questions where others might have answers? Please let us know at: info@regiowaarde.nl.

About Regiowaarde

Regiowaarde (Regional Value Society) is an expertise network organisation. It supports a sustainable, regional development of rural and peri-urban areas by improving the accessibility to knowledge and local experiences, and creating added values by applying and adapting. From this mission we decided to adopt the website of the Lifescape project and to continue its objective to initiate and support exchange and cooperation, and perhaps to form new projects.

More about Regiowaarde: www.regiowaarde.nl or click on the logo.





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