Involving children and youngsters

In these videos children and youngsters are the main principals. They show interest in nature, landscape, sustainability and so on, and enjoy themselves. Students give their impression by film of the 5th forum of a study visit of the Lifescape partners to the Nature Theatre in Oisterwijk. Hopefully, these videos inspire you in finding ways to involve people - not at least children - in sustaining our natural surroundings.

Introduction to the High Weald   (in English)

High Weald Hero Actions   (in English)

Schoolchildren's Exchange France - England   (in English)

Nature theatre - students' impression  (in English)

Introduction to the High Weald


In this film children wonder how the landscape has become what is now. An introduction to the history of landscapes in common, and more specific the High Weald in south England.

See the sequals where people from the past tell their stories. (Click on History of a landscape, in the menu)

(in English)

High Weald Hero Actions

Children finding out about nature and landscape. Exploring and learning at school, visiting the landscape, and exploring and enjoying the natural area. Raising awareness about sustainability.

(in English)

Schoolchildren's Exchange France - England


In 2006 a film was made of an international schoolchildren's exchange. About twenty children from the Dallington Church of England Primary School in the High Weald visited the Ecole de Dohem in the French department Pas-de-Calais. The return visit was in June 2006. People from the Lifescape partners involved - Parc Naturel Régional des Cap et Marais d’Opale and the High Weald Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty - and teachers from the schools talk in this film about their experiences.

(in English)

Nature theatre - students' impression

Impressions by students of a study visit to the Nature Theatre in Oisterwijk, during the partnerforum of the Lifescape project, december 2006. This open air theatre is in decay and needs to be renewed. Several parties have different plans for revitalising the theatre, that oppose one another. During the study visit the participants of the Lifescape project discuss the possibilities to involve local people and to bridge the different interests.

(in English)





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