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 "Lifescape has been a great forum for sharing experiences and developing new ideas about community participation in conservation. We hope to continue working with our partners to create a European network of countryside volunteers.”


Ian Hartle, South Downs Joint Committee,England



“The contact and the collaboration with the partners in the Lifescape network improved our local conceptual work. A lot of ideas for new initiatives and for the improvement of existing projects were generated.” 


Barbara Fiselius, Orchard Centre MainÄppelHaus Lohrberg, Germany


 “Livelihood and landscape are two sides of the same coin, and this powerful idea is mirrored in the name of this project: Lifescape. People immediately grasp what is meant by the concept of Lifescape. It creates a sense of recognition - something comfortable and challenging at the same time.”


Rob Maessen, Project Lead, Province of Noord-Brabant, the Netherlands


 “Through the Lifescape project and the joint actions like the European Travelling Notebooks and the schools exchange, children experienced Europe. The projects have been an important source of enthusiasm and allow them to open up to neighbouring cultures.”


Tiphaine Baron, European Cooperation Officer of the Parc Naturel Régional des Caps et Marais d’Opale, France


 “People do have the right to be responsible for the development of their landscape. We are giving back what is theirs already.”


Peter van Oers, Municipality of Boxtel, the Netherlands







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