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In cooperating with schools Lifescape aims at reaching the youth, for they are the future guardians of the landscape and they form the hart of local communities. Through taking part in Lifescape activities, children will develop a collective responsibility for the future of our landscapes and help their families and communities to reconnect with the surrounding environment. We present three Lifescape examples.



Eco-citizen schools


In Parc Naturel Régional (PNR) Cap de Marais d‘Opale, France, a network of schools has been created in which the classes implement activities on following subjects: improvement of their livelihood, learning citizenship, preserving the landscape and natural resources, exploring the territory and developing solidarity. The schools become Eco-citizens schools. Schools can choose their preferred subject and are supported by the PNR in its implementation in the classroom as well as encouraged to go out into the field and meet local people that work within their region. Various activities are the planting of fruit trees in school grounds and visiting farms and orchards so children will become aware of the origin or their food and life and work conditions of the producers.




E-mail Martine Magnier

telephone 0033 321389090




Exploring orchard-ecosystems


In Frankfurt, Germany, Orchardcenter “MainÄppelHaus Lohrberg” encourages school children to explore the orchard-ecosystems. During these visits, the children also experience the production of processed fruit products, like apple juice. These visits not only teach them about the orchards, nature and their protection but also bind children and their families emotionally to the region. Hereby these children are reconnected to the local landscape.



MainÄppelHaus Lohrberg

E-mail Nicola Koczy

telephone 0049 610935413




High Weald Heroes


In the High Weald Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty (AONB), England, schools use the local landscape as a cross-curricular resource. As High Weald Heroes school children learn to find out about their surrounding environment, to be proud of it, to enjoy it and to explore it. The High Weald Heroes project implements child-centred interpretation to encourage the school community to take appropriate action to help protect the landscape. These are examples of the high Weald Hero interpretation actions:


Schools are furthermore supported in implementing their landscape programmes through providing them with resource packs, meetings with support officers from the High Weald AONB Unit and the organizations of events and ‘school of the year‘ competitions.



High Weald Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty

E-mail Gemma Swallow

telephone 0044 1580 879954



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