Lifescape is a combination of landscape and livelihood and therefore a rich source of personal stories of people involving other people to improve the quality of their local surroundings. Here those stories are gathered.


What do some of our parnters have to say?


Some quotes from people working within Lifescape


Countryside is for the public benefit




The European countryside offers an enormous diversity of culture, nature, scenery, food and other products and services. To protect and enhance this we need to shift in attitude towards the by-products of agriculture and nature and land management and come to an evaluation of the public benefits Europe’s rural areas can deliver. People from Lifescape and other European project discussed in October 2007 the European agricultural policy. Read more....


Theatre walk - Schoolchildren meet history


Marja van Trier of the foundation Stuipzand organizes theatre walks for school children: ‘A large shortcoming in the education on landscape and the environment is the history of the landscape. The theatre walk fills that gap.‘ Read more....

Farming for Nature - Providing farmers a decent living



Raymond Schrijver of the agricultural economic institute LEI calculates how farmers can combine nature management and agriculture: ‘More and more farmers are getting involved in nature management and by doing so it becomes possible to move from the management of separate plots to developing smart business systems that not only look into the financial income, the agricultural practice and the ecological effects, but to the farming system as a whole.‘ Read more....

Marketing lamb in the South Downs and Brabant



Sheep are used to preserve the landscape, in the chalk grasslands of the South Downs as well as in the heath of Het Groene Woud in Brabant. But how can you make more money with the lamb and mutton you sell in butchers and supermarkets? In 2006 English and Dutch farmers visited each other to learn from each other. Read more....



School exchange makes children proud of their landscape



The school exchange organised through Lifescape proved to be a source of motivation for school children from Dallington in England and Dohem in France to tell each other about the landscape they live in and the heritage and nature they enjoy. The children experienced the foreign culture fully and got involved in the local community on the other side of the Channel. Organisers Tiphaine Baron and Gemma Swallow report. Read more....



International exchanges strengthens regions in Europe


Within Lifescape international exchange of farmers, volunteers, administrators, politicians, scientists and civil servants always has been one of the most important ways of put regional development in European perspective while everyone profited from everyone else. On this page you will find reports of several of those international exchanges, be it a symposium, a farmers exchange, or a visit to get to know the marketing chain for regional products. Read more....






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