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Strategies to improve landscape


Small scale landscapes that derive from traditional farming methods or other traditional methods of landscape management lie under threat. In various Lifescape projects strategies are developed to improve the landscape, with research, communication strategies and visual quality plans.



Improving the De Merode forest


In order to engage the local communities in de Merode area, the Merode project has undertaken the following actions: 1) the analysis of local and regional networks by means of questionnaires, in order to involve all relevant actors involved in different actions; 2) the organization of workshops with local actors, in order to describe the regional identity; 3) the development of attractive and recognizable communication tools, like a de Merode logo, a baseline, a film, a website, papers, et cetera; 4) the use of these communication tools in public events. Also the expectations and wishes of local and regional actors and members of the Steering Committee De Merode have been analyzed through a questionnaire and interviews. After this, an Integrated Plan had been drafted which was discussed with the Steering Committee of de Merode.


Contact: Vlaamse Landmaatschappij, Erik Verhaert, 0032-14258332, www.demerodeonline.be



Visual Quality Plan for hamlets


In developing a Visual Quality Plan for seven hamlets in the outlying areas of Boxtel, important visual and distinctive elements of the traditional landscape are preserved, because now they risk loosing their characteristic features. In order to preserve them as a recognisable element of the landscape a plan is drawn up and implemented. This plan safeguards the visual quality of the hamlets and takes into account the functional role each hamlet provides in the surrounding areas. Inhabitants are consulted in developing the plan in an interactive way. The aim of the visual quality plan is to enhance a stronger community involvement and to raise awareness among the inhabitants of the hamlet‘s value, thus promoting the importance of maintaining and preserving its identity. The project will help to safeguard the visual quality of this hamlet and provide inspiration and guidance for the other hamlets in Boxtel.


Contact: Municipality of Boxtel, telephone 0031 411655291, www.boxtel.nl


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