The Lifescape themes - A work in progress



Lifescape works with people for people on improving the quality of their surrounding environment. Lifescape involves children, businesses and local communities by developing educational, communicative, financial and social projects.




Lifescape involves children with their local landscapes so that they can develop a collective responsibility for the future of those landscapes. By doing so Lifescape wants to enrich the children‘s lives by reconnecting them to their local landscape, enriching the landscape in the process. Read more....




Lifescape involves and connects people and communities they belong to with the local landscape and the future of that landscape. In our projects we combine public awareness projects with the development of new plans and strategies to improve the local landscape. Read more....




Landscape management costs money. Through the Lifescape programme innovative financing methods have been developed, which involve people with their landscape and calculate how to target the investments in that landscape. In doing so, both the landscape and the people are enriched. Read more....




For businesses landscape identity can be a valuable asset. Businesses can use the landscape to promote local products and revitalize the regional economy while preserving the landscape at the same time. In that way businesses can be the ambassadors for the local landscape. Read more....






Cases within the themes:

Enjoyment and learning

Involving local people

Financing the landscape

Business opportunities

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