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Theatre and landscape history



Three Lifescape partners use theatre to let children experience the landscape and its history. Actors show how the landscape has been shaped throughout history and what impacts human behaviour has had on the landscape.


Theatre Walks


During Theatre Walks children are told about the natural and cultural history of the area, while at various points, actors bring details of the story to life. The first Theatre Walk was developed for the Loonse en Drunense Duinen, a


For the classes that participate in the Theatre Walks printed material is provided to follow the walking routes and to enable teachers to give the project a follow-up in the regular curriculum. The information and experiences gained in the process of developing the Theatre Walks is laid down in a number of publications for wider use. The most important will be a book about the cultural and natural heritage of the National Park in which the Theatre Walks take place. Also, leaflets with walking or cycling tours will be published in cooperation with regional tourism organisations.



Marja van Trier, 0031 416363713, marjavantrier@xs4all.nl, www.stuipzandloper.nl (in Dutch).


More information: The story of Marja van Trier 



My High Weald


My High Weald is a series of stories narrated by actors which were filmed in authentic locations of the High Weald Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty in England. Each character tells their story within the context of the High Weald landscape and compares what they would have known with the present landscape. To further illustrate the stories, footage of the High Weald, historical re-enactments and artist illustrations are used. The periods of history chosen were to tell particular key stories in the history of the High Weald landscape and to fit in with popular school topics such as the Romans and the Tudors.  For example the Saxon peasant farmer talks about why her fields were the shape they still are today, how they managed the meadows and pastures and the importance of traditional brushwood. The stories are made available through DVDs and an education zone on the internet.



Gemma Swallow, 0044 1580879954, g.swallow@highweald.org.



Elsie Piddock Skips in her Sleep


In the open air play Elsie Piddock Skips in her Sleep, organized by Natural England, the story is told of champion skipper Elsie who saves the local landscape for the people of her village from construction activities, with help from the fairies. The location of the play and the story is Mount Caburn, a National Nature Reserve on the Lewes Downs, in the parish of Glynde. The performance, in which the guests also played a role as the villagers who helped Elsie to save Mount Caburn, was combined with a Community Festival in which many local families enjoyed a lunch of locally-grown food and guided walks to look for butterflies on the National Nature Reserve. The play is part of the larger community awareness project Lewes Down Have Your Say.


Contact: Malcolm Emery, 0044 1273407954, malcolm.emery@naturalengland.org.uk.


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