Several Lifescape partners have made videofilms of their work in Lifescape projects. Some videos give an impression of the landscape in a particular region and its history, for example the Merode in Flanders - Belgium, Audomarois in the north of France and the High Weald in south east England. Other films are about nature management. In a third category of the videos actors - as representatives of the past - tell specific stories about how life used to be and how influences of man has resulted in the nowadays landscapes. Videos of the latest category are useful tools to get people - and perhaps especially children - interested and involved in their the landscape. And at last, some videos show how schoolchildren are involved in finding out about nature and landscapes.

All videofilms are uploaded to YouTube.

Videos about landscapes in specific regions

The de Merode forests, Flanders, Belgium   (in Dutch)

Audomarois - between land and water, north of France   (in French)

The Ashdown Forest History, south east of England   (in English)

High Weald in BBC's TV programme Inside Out   (in English)

High Weald Hidden History, south east England   (in English)

High Weald - the iron story, south east England   (in English)

Videos about nature management

The Ashdown Forest - introduction   (in English)

Ashdown Forest Management   (in English)

Meadows Identification   (in English)

Meadows Weed Management   (in English)

Hay Meadows Management   (in English)

Boeren voor natuur   (in Dutch)

Farming for Nature   (English version of Boeren voor natuur)

Videos about the history of a landscape

Mesolithic story   (in English)

Tudor Iron Master story   (in English)

Roman Soldier story   (in English)

Medieval Farmer story   (in English)

Saxon Drover story   (in English)

Ashdown Forest Commoner   (in English)

Hop Picker story   (in English)

Videos about involving children

Introduction to the High Weald   (in English)

High Weald Hero Actions   (in English)

Schoolchildren Exchange France - England   (in English)

Nature theatre - students' impression  (in English)






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