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Involving city people into traditional orchards


On the fringe of the metropolitan area of one of Europe’s most important financial centres lie several traditional standard orchards. The orchard centre MainÄppelHaus Lohrberg offers a yearly agenda of activities to bond the city people from Frankfurt am Main to those orchards.


In a region with more than five million people the MainÄppelHaus the standard orchards form a natural heritage that produces fresh fruit and apple wine and provides green space for the city people. The orchards are also rich in ecology, with bats, owls and lots of plants. The standard orchards are in decline since the 1960s because of modernising horticulture techniques and disintegrated ownership structures. The MainÄppelHaus aims at reviving the traditional standard orchards.




One of the most important goals of the MainÄppelHaus is to create a bond between the millions of city people in the region and the orchards. Therefore the orchard centre organises pruning courses for the orchards’ owners, educational programs for school children, pick your own fruit days for city consumers and lectures about the bats and owls living in the standard orchards. The centre also sells the apples, pears and other fruits and the special apple wine from the orchards in a special shop.




This extensive combination of educational, communicative and marketing activities is shown on the website of the MainÄppelHaus. In the year calendar all the activities are listed. This provides the MainÄppelHaus with means to promote the orchard centre and the courses, lectures and other activities that are organised. People can download the calendar from the website of the centre.



Contact: MainÄppelHaus Lohrberg (Orchard Centre)


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